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Our Vision

The acquisition of health data (biomarkers, vital signals, etc.) on the field will revolutionize medicine by improving the management, diagnosis and monitoring of pathologies.

However, there are still very few solutions that allow for continuous data acquisition other than vital signals and blood sugar levels. To broaden the spectrum of applications by offering a wider range of biomarkers, Grapheal is developing a new generation of connected medical devices (in-vitro diagnostic tests, skin patches) to facilitate and accelerate decision-making by caregivers in a digital and decentralized healthcare system.

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Our Mission

The mission of Grapheal is to develop a range of non-invasive biosensors that enable rapid, real-time detection outside of the laboratory. This platform, connected to smartphones, can be easily integrated into telemedicine solutions.


Grapheal is deploying its technology in two different use cases that incorporate flexible sensors produced by printed electronics:

1. Wound care (WoundLAB product)

2. Ultra-fast digital in-vitro diagnostics (TestNpass product)

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