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Wound Care

Grapheal develops wearable and disposable biosensors enabling continuous monitoring and on-site diagnosis. It empowers caregivers with an improved and individualized assessment tool for precision medicine.


More than 6.5 million persons are suffering from chronic wounds in the United States. The cost and incidence of chronic wounds is increasing, due to the aging population, and the increased prevalence of diabetes. 


New treatments for chronic wounds have led to improvements in wound management but wound monitoring tools and methodologies have not kept pace with this progress. Wound assessment is complex and requires a range of clinical skills and knowledge. 


That is why wound care at home is expensive and often innefficient given that care providers simply do not have the necessary tools to accurately track wound healing over time.

415 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide

25% will develop a chronic wound (Diabetic Foot Ulcer)

500,000 amputations each year are caused by DFU complications

The estimated US healthcare cost of DFU is $13 billion/year


Grapheal presents WoundLAB, an electronic wound patch that continuously measures and stores wound healing data such as pH of the exudate and other relevant parameters,  and communicates them to a medical cloud via a smartphone app.

Thus, doctors and nurses can monitor the wound healing evolution remotely and be alerted of any early-stage infection, and prevent complications. Grapheal patches will make any bandage smart & connected.


Features of a smart bandage includes : 

  • Real-time wound monitoring

  • Automatic data collection in a medical cloud

  • Alert on infections and moisture levels


​the device, coupled to a digital ecosystem such as a medical cloud will provide solutions for hospital-at-home  and home care facilities, reducing the overall cost of chronic wound management. 

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