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Deeptech for Healthcare  

Graphene reveals the potential of internet
of things for field diagnostics 

Graphene is a thin pure carbon material that forms stable and robust conductive layer. Our patented method of integration on polymer produces soft flexible and fully biocompatible electrodes and sensors  which enable easy and affordable integration in embedded devices.

When sensitized with appropriate bio-receptors, graphene sees its electrical conductance affected and can detect biomarkers, viruses, bacteria, and biomolecules efficiently, which provide many advantages : 

  • Biocompatible and non-invasive sensors

  • Ultrasensitive and rapid response 

  • Multi-parameters detection

  • Flexible, breathable and optically transparent

  • Low cost wearable electronics

The principles of bio detection is described in the following video : 

Grapheal produces smart RFID tags integrating for the first time graphene biosensors

Podcast (in French) presenting the technology behind Grapheal

(Thanks to Alexis Bès de Berc from Karot Capital for  the kind invitation !) 


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