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GraphLAB System Specifications

16-channel measurement channels with dual voltage sources - Ref: GLAB

•High-resolution acquisition over all 16 channels with 24-bit ADC

•Precise conductance resolution better than 0.05% full scale

•Gate voltage ranging from -1.2 V to 1.2 V (optionally from -30 V to 30 V)

•Gate-source and drain-source DAC voltage noise typically below 0.2 mV

•Acquisition time below 100 ms per channel

•FET resistance ranging from 100 Ω to 100 kΩ

•Up to 6 GraphLAB devices plugged-in, each self-powered via USB  allowing a total of 96 channels for real-time acquisition and gating.


Packaged software for multi-channel acquisition and analysis - Ref: GSOFT


•Easy-to-use user interface for parallel and real-time measurements

•Enables simultaneous control of all connected GraphLAB devices

•Compatible with long and complex experimental protocols

•Measure real-time conductance and store time-series for post-analysis

•Precise determination of field-effect via custom voltage sweeping

•Post-measurement analysis of Dirac point and transconductance shifts

•Python scripting library for measurement and pipette robot control


GraphLAB adapter for 16 G-FETs on polymer sheet - Ref: GBOXPS

•For connecting with Grapheal Graphene on polymer 16 GFETs (GPS16)

•Recommended minimum volume of 250 μL (max. up to 800 μL)

GraphLAB  adapter for G-FETs on silicon - Ref: GBOXSIL

•Straightforward “out-of-the-box” mounting with spring mounted contacts (“pogo pins”)

•Compatible with Graphenea GFET on Silicon (ref. GFET-S20 and S21)

•Recommended minimum volume of 250 μL (max. up to 400 μL)

Graphene on polymer 16 G-FETs - Ref: GPS16


•Grapheal proprietary flexible graphene FETs encapsulated in PET

•2-channels per well of 1.1 cm diameter with 8 wells total per sheet

•Mobility of over 1000 cm²/V/s, peak values of up to 4 mS/V

•Monolayer graphene channel area of 5 x 3 mm

•Graphene grain size over 20 μm and sheet lifetime beyond 6 months



Opentrons OT2 pipetting robot with Grapheal controller - Ref: GHPPR

•Full Automation of liquid handling enabling reproducible  dosing

•Synchronized with measurements via GraphLAB software (GSOFT)

•Automated experimental protocols with rinsing, mixing and aliquoting

•Variable & precise dispensing (volumes from 1 µL up to 1000 µL)

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